The ELCOMAT 3000 is an universal instrument with large measuring range combined with high accuracy. It can be used in production as well as in the laboratory.

For certain measurement tasks separate software is available:
ELCOWIN Software for measurement of straightness, parallelism, squareness of guide ways and flatness of tables.
RTM software for measurement of position uncertainty (rotatory) of round and index tables.

Scope of delivery

Technical Data

Ord. No. Description Measuring range Recommended resolution Accuracy
229 919 ELCOMAT 3000 2000 arcsec 0.05 arcsec ± 0.1 arcsec over any 20 arcsec range
± 0.25 arcsec over total range

For quick and easy comparison all technical data of all ELCOMAT series autocollimators are presented here in a tabular form.